LBA, Walter De Raffaele gets off the hook on Olimpia and Virtus

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Walter De Raffaele takes a stab at the Scudetto race

Former Reyer Venezia coach Walter De Raffaele gave an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport in which he analyzed the Scudetto race, ruling out possible surprises: “I don’t think it will be possible to repeat the path of my Venice of the second Scudetto, which in 2019 qualified in sixth place, passing the first two rounds with the disadvantage of the home court factor. On series in five games (quarterfinals and semifinals) and possibly seven (finals) I do not see today who can trip up Olimpia and Virtus, who have so many solutions and alternatives, as well as much deeper and more proven rosters than all the opponents.”

“And all the teams ranging from third to eighth place are not equipped to play up to a maximum of 17 games in that time frame, an experience that instead the two bigs have experienced even this season between the league and Euroleague,” De Raffaele concluded.

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