Luca Baraldi talks about Euroleague and Scariolo

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Luca Baraldi full-court press

For Virtus Bologna it’s playoff scudetto time: on Saturday in fact the V Nere start on their friendly parquet the challenge against Brindisi and begin it as the second favorite of the postseason behind Milan. More than ever, Olimpia and Segafredo seem to be the favorites to make it to the finals: that’s one of the topics talked about with Bologna CEO Luca Baraldi on the sidelines of the “Il Foglio a San Siro” event at Milan’s Meazza Stadium.

“Yes, it looks like the final could be between us and Milan, as it has happened in recent years,” Baraldi says, “we will put all our efforts to get there even if we have to have respect for all our opponents, starting with Brindisi. I think that not having the favorable court factor is not a problem, in fact, according to the players it could be an advantage. Of course, Milan would have the possibility to play the eventual bella at home so surely it would have been better to finish first. Qualitatively I think Milan has something more and may be favored but we play it great.”

We then move on to the balance regarding the season of the return to the Euroleague after a long time, with a conclusion on the future of coach Sergio Scariolo, which should put an end to the rumors of his possible departure: “There have been some very positive outcomes, such as the victories in Madrid with Real and in Barcelona, then certainly we missed some victories that could have come but we are still very satisfied. We hope to be there again next year: the market for some players is related to that but we work as if we were already in the Euroleague. As for Scariolo, he has the contract, so he is confirmed.”

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