Napoli, Luciano Spalletti has clear ideas about his future

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Luciano Spalletti’s words

On the eve of Monza-Napoli, Luciano Spalletti returned to talk about his future: “Having meetings in restaurants is not easy, you are always with your mouth full of beautiful things but what has come out is all very clear. The details are right for the club to expose them when they see fit. I can’t go in front of the club, all questions about this will have the same answer. The club will talk about it when it wants to, it is correct that way. I can only continue to work and finish the job in the best possible way. The society has done a great job. When I talk about two correct steps I am referring to winning and enhancing the roster. There will be an important future and a cycle can be opened.”

“I am satisfied with last night because a good evening was had, the president always knows how to choose good wines while I know little about them. I said what I had to say and I am satisfied. I repeat, Naples has an important future ahead. What has pleased me most in this gallop is that I have given it my all. The club has done a great job of reorganizing the team, last night I was talking about two correct steps and I was referring to winning and enhancing the roster. We took those two correct steps, so there will be a definitely bright future after the two championships. They gave me the opportunity to work in a certain way, bringing in young players loaded with quality and availability: you can open a cycle with this team.”

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