Ferrari, Leclerc seeks no alibi: “In the days of Schumacher and Todt, the pressure was the same”

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Pressure is no excuse for Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc gave an interesting interview to ‘The Athletic’ in which he reiterated his love for Ferrari, while admitting disappointment with the Prancing Horse’s performance in recent years.

“I want to win with Ferrari,” he stressed, “That is clear, but I am not happy with the performance we have had in recent years, we have not been consistent. There were so many expectations this season, but we are seeing how we are not as competitive as we wanted. We are trying to analyze it with Fred and the team and we are understanding some things, I have a clearer picture now of why we are having these difficulties.”

So he did not look for any alibis for the great pressure in the Maranello stable: “In the days of Schumacher and Jean Todt there was as much pressure as there is now, and they managed to overcome obstacles and cope brilliantly, so we can’t complain and it can’t be an excuse, it’s one of the reasons why Ferrari is so special: there is a passion that I don’t think any other team in Formula 1 has, and here it’s more complicated to handle difficult situations because there is much more emotionality. But this is Ferrari, I wouldn’t change it for any reason.”

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