Basketball, A series: two heavy disqualifications in Brindisi house

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Playoff Serie A: 2 disqualified for Brindisi, fined Pentucci

The FIP has announced disciplinary measures after Game 2 on May 15, 2023 (Olimpia Milano-Pesaro, Virtus Bologna-Brindisi and Reyer Venezia-Dinamo Sassari).

LUCA PENTUCCI (Second assistant CARPEGNA PROSCIUTTO PESARO). Disqualification of member for 1 game substituted with a fine of Euro 3,000.00 for offensive and protesting behavior towards the first referee, a fact that led to his expulsion [art. 32,3 RG,art. 33,1/1b RG,art. 14,4 RG].

FRANCESCO VITUCCI (head coach HAPPYCASA BRINDISI). Disqualified member for 1 game because, ejected for repeated protests, he held offensive behavior towards the first referee [art. 32,3 RG,art. 33,1/1b RG rec.,art. 24,4 RG]

NICKOLAUS BRANDON PERKINS (athlete HAPPYCASA BRINDISI). Disqualification member for 1 game for seriously offensive behavior towards the referees on leaving the locker room [art. 33,1/1b RG rec.,art. 24,2b RG]

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