Petrucci: “Pozzecco technical and marketing choice”

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Fip president to La Stampa: “He is my Erasmus of Rotterdam.”

Fip president Gianni Petrucci in an interview with La Stampa also spoke about Italy coach Gianmarco Pozzecco: “It was a technical and marketing choice. Not all coaches understand the importance of image.”

“He has a crazy feeling with the players, I invite you to watch his workouts, he has everything you need to be a coach. And he knows how to turn the spotlight on the national team, Petrucci explained.

“I call him my Erasmus from Rotterdam, he’s a crazy polish – the words of the number one executive of Italian basketball – Believe me, he knows how to prepare games without creating a war climate, we play basketball we don’t operate with an open heart. He just needs to decrease the hugging. And he has another flaw: he is now better known than I am.”

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