Adding insult to injury for Stefano Pioli

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Pioli collects the Tapiro

He surely would have gladly done without it, but on Striscia la notizia Milan coach Stefano Pioli will receive his first Tapiro d’oro after his Champions League elimination against Inter Milan.

Valerio Staffelli intercepted the Rossoneri coach immediately after Tuesday night’s defeat at the San Siro: “I brought you the only prize you will win this year. Did someone from the team let her down?”

“We gave it our all. When you go that high and then fall you get even more hurt,” the bitter response from the Milan coach, who lost both the first leg (0-2) and the return leg (0-1) to his Nerazzurri cousins. Who are now waiting to know the name of their Istanbul rival: Manchester City and Real Madrid, tonight, will restart from the 1-1 draw at the Bernabeu.

Full coverage tonight on Striscia la notizia (Channel 5, 8:35 p.m.).

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