MotoGp, Aleix Espargaró’s dig at Marc Márquez

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MotoGp, Aleix Espargaró no-holds-barred on Marc Márquez

During an interview with the Spanish media, Aprilia rider Aleix Espargaró spoke bluntly about the return of Marc Marquez and the lack of consideration by the fans of the other Iberian centaurs compared to his Honda compatriot.

“We would all like our country to support its riders, just as other countries do. But at Le Mans it seemed like there was only one on the track and all the others were just whiners,” the Aprilia rider began.

“When you express your opinion and you’re sincere, and I think that’s how you should be, maybe you complain about something that happened on the track and then you’re just seen as someone who’s always looking for excuses. So from now on I will be a little more cynical, smile more and enjoy life without worrying about these things,” Aleix Espargarò added.

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