Reyer Venezia, De Nicolao sends message to Dinamo

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De Nicolao’s words

Game 4 between Reyer Venezia and Dinamo Sassari is on Saturday night. Game two at 9:30 p.m. at PalaSerradimigni. The Sardinians are ahead 2-1 in the series and have an opportunity to close the score at home, reaching the semifinals.

Orogranata vice-captain Andrea De Nicolao had this to say ahead of the challenge: “In recent years we have already faced great difficulties and as a team we have overcome them. Tomorrow we have to try to be the best version of ourselves, individually and as a whole. Of course we will have to follow the game plan, but games like this are won with emotion, character and the will to bring them home. We need to take an extra step to take the series to game five: an extra effort for a teammate, an extra jumper or breakthrough can be decisive and increase the carat of the group. We believe in it and don’t give up as our motto says ‘tough the counters’.”

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