Juventus, Max Allegri doesn’t want to hear about it at all

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The Bianconeri club reportedly contacted Giuntoli behind Allegri’s back

According to reports from Sky Sport, Juventus would have contacted Giuntoli behind Allegri’s back. No problem for the coach who, however, would have stuck to the Under 23 project, pointing out the excellent work done so far and, consequently, the no need to change men at the top of the Under 23 project.

A stance, Allegri’s, with sound foundations. The youngsters who, this year, have arrived from the Under 23 to the First Team are confirmation of the excellent work done by the staff that follows the future promising bianconeri. That working group, according to Allegri, should not be changed. In all this, again according to Sky Sport, Giuntoli would still have the problem of finding a way to free himself from the contract that binds him to Napoli, before he could accept the Juventus offer.

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