Parma, Luca Martines’ promise to fans ahead of playoffs

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The words of Luca Martines

Parma’s Corporate Manging Director Luca Martines made some statements during the “Bar Sport” broadcast on 12 TV Parma.

“We had made a promise to our subscribers, at the beginning of the campaign, and we wanted to keep it after a difficult period by rewarding loyalty,” he stressed. “We set out to anticipate the campaign regardless of where we will play and what category, maintaining last year’s prices. We definitely expect a wide participation and I must say that the campaign has started very well. Certainly reaching the same goal in numbers as the previous one would be a great achievement. It has been a difficult year, certainly inflation and rising prices have eroded a major part of the purchasing power of families. That’s why the desire to keep prices the same was born. But we expect a good response and that this will be perceived as a tangible value of the club to the fans. Small misgivings? Technical aspects of the campaign configuration, the decision was made very quickly, shared and embraced even by our President, in the implementation of the campaign a technical configuration that was possible in such a short time. We are one of the few clubs that has such a large amount of reductions in all areas of the stadium. It is an important management aspect, it was decided to channel certain reductions in such a way as to make attendance and participation in the stadium more uniform. A small revision has been made, however. The matches at the Tardini? They will all be played at the Tardini.”

Then came a promise ahead of the playoffs: “I announce that we will keep popular prices for the playoffs as well, to guarantee access to all our fans. There will be two differentiated prices, some reduced ones will have very low prices. They will be popular prices, we expect a great participation because we need them. They will be on sale at the stadium, internet and at TicketOne outlets.”

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