Olimpia Milano, Gigi Datome warns Dinamo.

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The words of Gigi Datome

Gigi Datome gave a lengthy interview to ‘La Nuova Sardegna’ ahead of the playoff semifinal that will see Olimpia Milano engaged against Dinamo Sassari, of which the meghini winger is not surprised: “No, I knew it could be very possible, also because historically the fourth/fifth challenge is always the most uncertain, and then because Sassari also showed up in good condition in the quarters. Good to win outright there and then continue to dictate the pace at home.”

“It’s great, also because so many can come to watch with an hour’s drive. The hope is that it ends like last year, of course (3-0 Milan, ed.), but this is a different season, the two teams are different. All the focus right now is just on game 1 and how to deal with a very dangerous team like Sassari,” he later stressed.

“I think well, we’ve had long gym weeks that for us because of EuroLeague commitments are rare and how good it has been for us was seen in the three beautiful wins with Pesaro. The worry of the whole season is a little bit the ups and downs that characterize us, see game 3 of the quarters that we lost by not playing up to par. If you don’t you can pay with anyone, so you have to be nice and tight and compact and focused. And we are recovering the best form of some elements out of rhythm due to old injuries,” concluded Datome on the state of form of the red and white club.

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