Derthona, Marco Picchi looks with confidence to Virtus

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The words of Marco Picchi

Bertram Tortona’s president gave an interview to ‘La Stampa Alessandria’ ahead of the playoff semifinal against Virtus Bologna. “I expected it so, because we have played against us several times this year, always in vibrant and very balanced games. The series did not betray expectations, we come out doubly satisfied,” he commented on the victory against Trento. “In addition to winning it, in fact, we are satisfied because it was a beautiful spot for basketball and the A series, with games played in an atmosphere of great participation and fairness on and off the court. The conclusion of Game 4 with us celebrating and the hosts taking well-deserved applause from their large audience, I think was a beautiful snapshot of what these quarters were all about.”

He then spoke this way ahead of the challenge against Virtus Bologna: “We have to have the ability to put aside the gratification for a great result obtained, knowing that from Sunday another adventure begins. Even more complicated because the level of the opponent is of a top team in the national and European arena. We will not have the favors of prediction but we will do everything to try to overturn them and make the series as long and hard-fought as possible, approaching game 1 as best we can with the ambition of showing the best version of ourselves.”

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