Roma, Jose Mourinho announces an absence for Florence. And he sheds light on Dybala

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The words of Jose Mourinho

José Mourinho, interviewed by Sky less than a week before the Europa League final against Sevilla, announced an absence for the Florence trip and shed light on Paulo Dybala’s condition.

“Lorenzo is recoverable, he will not be in Florence because he has a small problem that is not worrying but using him on Saturday would be a risk,” he admitted. “From Sunday he will start training normally with us. From Paulo I don’t expect anything: if he can go on the bench and can give us a little help like with Feyenoord already it will be something positive. Spinazzola is in doubt, I hope to recover him: not for Saturday but for the final. If Leo on Monday/Tuesday gives positive signs I hope to have him.”

“For the moment there is no double, there is a Conference we won and a final we have to play. I don’t like to talk about a double because there isn’t: what I am saying is that I like the work done here from day one. It is not the strongest squad I have worked with at the level of quality and quantity, but at the human level it is one of the top teams in my career,” Mourinho concluded on a hypothetical double.

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