Jacky Ickx says no to Lewis Hamilton

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Jacky Ickx’s words.

Jacky Ickx took stock of Ferrari to Gazzetta dello Sport: “There is a lack of results. And it is true that there are similarities between this Ferrari and the Ferrari of 50 years ago. Today as then there is a lot of politics, there is controversy. Maybe it’s a genetic thing, of the Italians (laughter). When you are at Ferrari you know you are always the center of attention, for better or worse. In past years so many times the problem was strategy. Even so, there was one thing I liked about Mattia Binotto: he took all the problems on his shoulders. He did it for the spirit of the team. It was nice.”

“Should Ferrari go after Hamilton? I don’t see any good reason to do that. It’s an affair that makes me think of the big problem in our society today: when you hear a news story you don’t know whether to believe it, you don’t know who to believe,” added the former Rossa driver.

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