Roma, Jose Mourinho calls for confrontation with the club

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The technician wants much more help from top management

Mourinho, in the post-match of the Europa League final is a river in flood. He has some for everyone, including referee Taylor. Of course, he also dwells on his own future, demanding a direct confrontation with the ownership.”

“I’m a little bit tired of being a coach, being a communication man, being the one who says we’ve been robbed. I’m a little tired of being so much. I want to stay in a position to give more. I leave on Monday, but my things stay in Trigoria. I left my house, but I have all my things in Trigoria. On Monday I go on vacation and my things stay there. I think it’s time to talk to the ownership, or for the ownership to talk to me. I think it’s time,” his very clear words. In short, ball to society. Surely it will be a very close face-to-face in which it will become clear whether or not the Special One will remain at the helm of Roma again next year.

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