Medical examination in Romania for Sandro Tonali

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Medical examination in Romania for Sandro Tonali

The day to make Sandro Tonali’s move from AC Milan to Newcastle official has arrived. The midfielder, who is still a Rossoneri player for now and committed to Romania with Italy Under-21 in the European Championships, is undergoing medical examinations in Cluj.

In fact, the midfielder’s entourage and emissaries of the English club have arrived at the Italy hotel in Cluj to speed up the process that will lead the now former Rossoneri to sign with the Premier League team.

Once the exams are over, Tonali will sign a contract that will bind him to the Premier League club for the next six seasons with a salary of 8 million euros net per season plus 2 million in bonuses under certain conditions, while he received 2.5 million at AC Milan, into whose coffers 80 million will arrive, the most expensive transfer in history for the Diavolo.

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