Ferrari, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz renewal: John Elkann stalls

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Confirmation of pilots, at the moment, does not seem to be a priority.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are the drivers of a Ferrari that appeared regenerated at the Austrian Grand Prix. The two finished second and fourth, respectively, at the Red Bull Ring, but at the moment in Maranello the focus seems to be more on the growth of the SF-23 than on the need to extend the contracts of the Cavallino’s two standard bearers. And proving it is John Elkann himself.

Present at the Red Bull Ring for the Austrian Grand Prix, in fact, the Ferrari president spoke to the microphones of ‘Sky Sport’ taking time on the renewals of Leclerc and Sainz. “Right now we are focused on the improvements we have made to the car, which will also serve us well in the upcoming races. So the renewal of the drivers’ contracts also takes a back seat,” Elkann said.

The good signs remain, and they are clear at Ferrari. “This was the best race of the season, and we are all very happy,” Elkann added. “To see Ferrari able to battle with Red Bull at home was good. We are growing, and this also allows the drivers’ qualities to emerge. In fact, their mood is very good, and at the moment we are looking ahead step by step.” And on Max Verstappen dominating: “We must not get demoralized. One must continue to do better and always find new stimuli.”

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