Serie A, black smoke for TV rights: bids rejected

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Serie A, black smoke for TV rights: bids rejected

Still no deal for the TV rights of the next three-year Serie A. Clubs gathered at the meeting rejected bids from broadcasters Dazn, Sky and Mediaset, which were deemed too low.

The decision on TV rights has been postponed to a new date: the new League assembly is scheduled for next July 14. Before then, further private negotiations will be initiated with the various broadcasters.

Lega Serie A President Casini has not ruled out the creation of a League channel in case negotiations finally break down. “We are in the middle of a procedure that we know is articulated. On Monday there is the assembly, the further step after a complex moment. The path is already laid out in the notice, so first there was a request for bids from the market. Channel League? We will see. If the bids are not deemed satisfactory, then we will go to evaluate this option.”

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