Fabio Fognini speaks out about his future

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Fabio Fognini doesn’t hide when talking about his future

Fabio Fognini, speaking on the talk “Doubles in the Family” on ‘Sky Sport,’ talked among other things about his future, and how while his desire to play remains intact (although an injury kept him out of Wimbledon this year) he is taking over the realization that he has more years of his competitive career behind him than in front of him.

“You also have to face reality at 36,” said the Ligurian tennis player. I struggled, and struggle, still, not only for what I love to do, but also against my physique, which, unfortunately, at the age of 36 is starting to have small gaps. Working with younger people? I would like to do that in some ways, and I am already trying to approach some very strong young people that we still have in Italy. I’d like to give a little bit of my experience, the not repeating the mistakes I made as a kid. In hindsight, you don’t go anywhere, though, who knows.”

However, there is still a strong ambition to still continue an otherwise important career to the best of my ability: “My dream is to play six months without an injury, to really see what I am still capable of giving and doing. Maybe, then, after six months you have to look in the mirror and say I can’t do this sport anymore. However, nowadays I am happy, I am happy, at home Flavia (Pennetta, ed.) said I am doing well, so, more I cannot ask for. This is my only wish.”

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