Sofia Goggia open-hearted: “Losing is unbearable.”

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Sofia Goggia open-hearted: “Losing is unbearable.”

Sofia Goggia participated in the “Azzurre d’Oro” talk as part of the “Sky 20 years” celebrations. The Bergamo-born skier talked about the origins of her passion: “When I went to school, I would leave an hour early, leave (with my mother) and go skiing. Then I would come back and do my homework, but it was always something I did with extreme joy. I was never too facilitated in school, I think things have changed a little bit today, state schools for example did not accept enrollment for my absences, for example, the last year of high school graduation, I had to do private school privately.”

His philosophy as an athlete: “If there is anything I live for in sports, it is winning. Failure is not losing, you have to accept that someone is better than you. Losing for me is related to not giving all of yourself, it is related to mediocrity, to that standard of non-excellence. Not giving all of yourself is an unbearable idea to live with.”

His teacher: “The figure of the teacher in sports is fundamental, he is not just a coach who teaches you a specific technical gesture, he is an educator who makes you grow with certain values. I was immensely fortunate to find a person who passed them on to me. One of the things I am even more grateful for today is taking those values around the world cup circuits.”

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