Misano 2023, Aldo Drudi stuns again

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Misano 2023, Aldo Drudi stuns again

With the presentation of the 2023 poster, the countdown to the Red Bull Grand Prix of San Marino and Riviera di Rimini, scheduled to take place at Misano World Circuit from September 8 to 10, 2023, has begun.

Preparations are intensifying for the events scheduled in San Marino and on the Rimini Riviera, which by established tradition will accompany the show at Misano World Circuit where last year more than 100,000 spectators flocked to the weekend, welcomed into a veritable motor park. MotoGP is a strategic event for the hospitality industry, and the economic inducement produced, associated with worldwide media visibility, is also a strategic element in tourism promotion.

The communication activity is enriched by a prestigious partner such as Red Bull and the multi-year agreement includes the inclusion in the name of the event of a brand that is already a protagonist in many areas of motorsport, to which is added the role of ‘title sponsor’ for the event that is developed in the territory and on the track at the Grand Prix of San Marino and Rimini Riviera.

“The side-by-side partnership as title sponsor of Red Bull,” comment the promoters Republic of San Marino, Emilia-Romagna Region, Province of Rimini and Santa Monica SpA, “represents significant added value for us all. When we approached this great adventure we took it as a challenge to transform a sports event into a territorial marketing lever, where communication represented and represents a fundamental element. Having Red Bull at our side, which represents the vanguard in this field, leads us to make an upgrade toward the promotion of our entire territory. Precisely for this reason, together with Dorna and Red Bull we have set up a three-year development plan that will see Misano World Circuit, the tourist economic system of the Republic of San Marino and the Rimini Riviera, at the center of the project.”

The common thread of the communication project is the 2023 poster, once again born from the creativity of Aldo Drudi and Drudi Performance. “We had a lot of fun making this poster,” comments Aldo Drudi, “and we are very satisfied with the result. The opportunity was fantastic: to tune Red Bull, a brand that has a resounding and recognized communicative power, with the work we have been doing in recent years, since we take care of the artistic part of the Grand Prix. However, combining two established and winning images also represented a risk. We began to evaluate the possibilities that, magically, aligned when we chose to place the Red Bull reference and the drivers’ silhouettes on the graphic mat that we have been using for a few years now to personalize the curves of the circuit, a texture that makes it unique and that has allowed us to make a difference all over the world. We tacked the same strokes onto Red Bull’s identifying colors, which happen to recall the sun, the sea and the sky. So we once again managed to contextualize the Grand Prix on our Riviera and San Marino.”

The 2023 poster also encloses another novelty, an actual Grand Prix logo.

“We created it by uniting the naming with the Red Bull brand through a stylized helmet with the same graphic signs, all magically harmonized,” adds Drudi. “We are satisfied that we have once again created an original, colorful campaign, without resorting to computer-made drawings or having to draw on virtual images. It was almost magic to be able to merge these two worlds, two powerful images that blend in this graphic work without disrespecting them.”

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