Inter, Romelu Lukaku is already the past: there are new leads

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For the attack would now be in the running Balogun and Morata

Inter dreamed of Lukaku’s return, indeed they were almost certain to have him in their grasp. Unfortunately, after a long negotiation, the Belgian is no longer a Nerazzurri target so much so that, from Monday, he will be under the orders of Chelsea coach Pochettino (assuming Juventus does not make a major move).

This is a cold shower for Inzaghi, who was certain he could count on Lukaku for next season. Instead, it is already time to think about alternatives. In addition to Morata who, at this point, becomes a more than viable alternative, watch out for the name of Balogun. Coming off a great season at Reims (but owned by Arsenal), he is only 22 years old and has plenty of room for improvement. Of course, he has a not inconsiderable price tag. In fact, he will need the same money that was set aside for Lukaku (about 40 million euros).

Unfortunately, time is running out. Inter needs to have available, as soon as possible, the striker that is still missing to complete the offensive department. Having lost Lukaku, they are looking for a quality alternative. The shock for the non-arrival of Big Rom has been strong but the Nerazzurri club knows perfectly well how to move and find a player who could suit the Nerazzurri coach Inzaghi. News is expected in the near future.

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