Lecco goes to the Lazio Tar: “We will do everything we can.”

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Lecco goes to the Lazio Tar

The Calcio Lecco 1912 club, through a note, announced that it intends to continue the judicial process at the Lazio Tar after learning the response of the appeal to the Collegio di Garanzia del Coni.

“The club, assisted by Attorneys Salvatora De Lorenzis and Domenico Zinnari, will reiterate its position and the correctness of its actions, having acted in accordance with the regulations in force, and will ask for readmission to the 2023/24 Serie B championship. Calcio Lecco 1912 firmly believes in the value of sporting merit and results on the field, fundamental elements that must be valued in every aspect of the competition,” it reads there.

“We remain grateful to our fans, our players to all the staff and to all those who support us on this path, assuring them that Calcio Lecco 1912 will do everything possible,” they conclude from the Bluceleste control room.

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