Ferdinando De Giorgi is already thinking about the United States.

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The words of Ferdinando De Giorgi

Ferdinando De Giorgi spoke after the victory over Argentina in the VNL quarterfinals: “It was not an easy match, we know the strength of Argentina and their players. With our qualities we were good at putting the match on a favorable track, we were good at batting, we put them in trouble in reception, we worked well with wall-defense, this created anxiety to the Argentine game, they lost some confidence. I’m happy because the guys never lowered their level despite the result, from the mentality point of view it’s important. In the semifinals we will meet the USA, one of the strongest teams, we will work these days, we will study, with the guys we will do some kind of work with those who played and those who did not play. It will be a semifinal, with another strong opponent, we are confident, if we can express our game we are a tough team.”

He was echoed by Roberto Russo: “We were good at never losing concentration, it was not an easy match but we faced the game in the best way. Argentina definitely has good personalities but we focused on our own half of the field, now we rest a moment and focus on the semifinal. In the semifinals we will have to think about playing our game well, we will try to bother anyone. Today we were good at never deconcentrating, everyone gave their best. In these two days we will do physical work, we will try to store energy, we will need it against the USA.”

Also satisfied was Alessandro Michieletto: “We are happy, we wanted to stay here in Poland. We faced a tough team that played a good VNL, maybe today they were not at 100 percent, they were a different team than usual, but we were good to look only in our own half of the field, now look toward the semifinal with USA. High concentration and continuity the keys to today’s game, we have to keep doing that, against great teams you have to do that, and we want to be a great team. Now two days to recover and study the next opponent, we are here now, we are ready to face this kind of games, I am looking forward to Saturday.”

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