PSG, Neymar is adamant about the future

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Neymar sheds light on his future

One of the hot topics at PSG is the future of Neymar, who, after a season ended early due to a serious injury, could leave the Parisian capital in this soccer session. On the continuation of his career, the person concerned spoke during an interview.

“I also expect to play next season with PSG, I have a contract and so far no one has said anything to me about a possible transfer. I am calm, even if there is not much love between the fans and the players I will be there, with or without affection,” the Brazilian footballer began.

“The injury was very troublesome. They have been very difficult months. Of course winning is always part of the goals, but I want to play well again. That is the priority for me,” added the former Barcelona man.

Later Neymar addressed the farewell to PSG of his great friend Lionel Messi: “Leo won everything. His family did not live in the best way these two years in Paris, so I understand him. He is going to live a completely different life in Miami. We have a strong team, I Messi and Mbappé are the best in the world, but soccer is sometimes unfair, it’s not like a cake recipe.”

In addition to Neymar, another issue that has been holding sway at PSG for some time is the future of Kylian Mbappè, who, after refusing a contract renewal, could be put on the market by the club to avoid a zero-parameter transfer of him in June 2024.

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