Athletics, Jacobs only at Worlds: ‘Positive thoughts’

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Blue outfielder gives appointment to all in Budapest

The World Athletics Championships will kick off in Budapest on Saturday, August 19. Jacobs, back from a very unfortunate period studded with injuries, is aiming to be there at all costs. And the feeling is that he is on the right path to full recovery.

“Whether I’ll be at the top? A couple more weeks would have helped, but I usually get into shape quickly. A pre-World Cup race? Speeding up the timing wouldn’t make sense. If I have to risk it, better to do it when it counts. I’ll make up for it later,” his words to Gazzetta dello Sport.

The good news is that the many minor physical discomforts now seem to be behind him, so much so that the Olympic champion has “positive thoughts.” “The discomfort between gluteus and quadriceps that was blocking my back was the child of a small vertebral compression that led to a somewhat sneaky inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which is not easy to detect. Dr. Müller has known me since 2017: since then, Olympic season aside, I have been to him every year for one reason or another,” his closing remark. In short, Jacobs dates everyone to the World Championships. No races and stress before (“A pre-Worlds race? Speeding up the timing would not make sense”), the important thing is to be ready in Budapest. Opponents forewarned, the Azzurro has no intention of giving up, indeed he wants to make the Italian people dream again at the World Championships.

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