Jimmy Connors gives advice to Jannik Sinner, Casper Ruud and others.

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Jimbo’s advice

Jimmy Connors, in the course of his podcast with the original name ‘Advantage Connors,’ made no secret of his great admiration for Carlos Alcaraz and even urged the competition to study him well-a message to Rune, Sinner, Ruud and the other up-and-comers who are chasing the Spaniard for now. “The guys are watching him and maybe some of the other players on the tour should study him a little bit and see what it took for him to get to this position at 20 years old. And then maybe say ‘What is he doing that I’m not doing, why is he winning Wimbledon and the U.S. Open and I’m not?'”

“Alcaraz is a hybrid player because he can play all types of matches. He can be aggressive, he has defense, he is not afraid to go forward, he mixes his shots, he can serve and volley. In short, he can do something different,” added ‘Jimbo’.

The left-hander from Illinois, with 109 titles, is the tennis player who has won the most tournaments in men’s singles in the Open era, winning eight Grand Slam singles tournaments (five Us Opens, two Wimbledons and one Australian Open) and two doubles titles during his career. Connors will turn 71 in September.

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