Milan, Rafael Leao open-hearted about renewal

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Former Lille gives clarity on season goals

A few days before the match with Juventus, AC Milan’s new number 10 Rafael Leao spoke from the Rossoneri’s training camp to the microphones of “Sky Sport” about his contract renewal and goals for the 2023-24 season.

“The renewal was an act of love. The decision was already in my head, I thought about it a lot and it was just a matter of time. I was waiting for the right moment. Before the contract, I wanted to go to the Champions League final, but we didn’t succeed. Maybe in today’s soccer there are no more flags, but I signed for five years, so I want to be here. The project is very important, there are a lot of young people, and the most important thing is that I can grow more here to get to my goal: to win a lot,” the Portuguese began.

“We have to win a trophy. We have to train and understand what the coach wants in order to have a great team season. From what I saw with Real, we have a very strong team. The dream of the Scudetto has been realized, now the Champions League is missing, the trophy that all players would like to win. In Italy it is difficult to triumph, because there are so many strong clubs and in 38 games you can never lose points. The European cups, in the last year, have shown that the A is a strong league,” added the new Rossoneri number 10.

Later Rafael Leao commented on the new signings, “Milan is a historic club. It is not easy to show everyone what I am here for, but I certainly try to help the guys who come in. Pulisic is very skilled in one-on-one. This year I feel we are stronger in all departments and I think we can have a great season. Ruben is powerful, carries the ball and is the player who will push the team from the back forward. Reijnders, on the other hand, is good on loose balls, kicks well and has good passing skills.”

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