Marc Marquez is lapidary about the end of his career

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Marc Marquez is lapidary about the end of his career

Marc Marquez in an interview for the book “Being Marc Marquez, How I Win My Races” spoke open-heartedly about his current moment and his feelings when he takes to the track, “When I see a wall, I go through it. It’s simple. No matter how many times it takes or how hard I hit my head, I won’t stop until I go through the wall…. That has always been my goal and it will never change.”

The Catalan rider knows that the stakes have greatly increased in recent seasons: “I know very well that the next serious accident could not only end my sporting career, but also affect me for the rest of my life. But I need the maximum amount of adrenaline in the shortest possible time. And I need to be on the limit,” are the words taken from Motosan.

“My life was like a rocket,” Marquez said, recalling his incredible career. “I took off, flew faster and faster and higher and higher. It was a wonderful journey, but I thought it was normal. Strangely, when you’re really fast, racing doesn’t feel like a big effort. The smooth ride is a wonderful feeling. The last time I did it was in Jerez in 2020.”

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