Jannik Sinner thrills Angelo Binaghi

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The words of Angelo Binaghi

Angelo Binaghi, president of FITP, on the sidelines of the presentation of the Nitto ATP Finals 2023 Masterplan also spoke about Jannik Sinner: “Hearing him say at the beginning of the year that his season goal is to qualify for the Finals was the nicest thing I could have heard. He had an exciting start to the season, some hiccups during the clay court part of the year but then he made up for it with interest at Wimbledon, becoming the third Italian player to reach the semifinals. We are proud of him. Having an Italian player in Turin would change a lot for us, because it would turn spectators into fans, with a number of positive consequences. Jannik is well on his way, but who knows, if Musetti or Berrettini were to win the U.S. Open… It’s enough for us to have at least one Italian.”

“We have already sold two-thirds of the total tickets sold last year. We have a 30 percent increase in economic terms and a 19 percent increase in tickets sold compared to the same time last year. We have sold almost 80,000 tickets but I think the most interesting figure is the explosion of tickets sold from abroad: 11,498 sold so far, which is 80 percent more than last year when the total percentage of spectators from abroad was 38 percent.”

“Arriving here I was reading the newspapers. I saw other major sporting events that have problems that we did not have to face. In our country we often arrive at the last moment with great worries. Our context, on the other hand, sees realities that know how to do things, do them on time, don’t throw money away, value the territory. There are also positive examples in Italy. This is the third year that Intesa Sanpaolo is Host Partner of the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin, and we are going to host again the best tennis players in the world for an event of great sport and spectacle. In the first two years we have seen the growth of this event, which for Turin means international visibility, significant economic spin-offs and a surge of optimism. Sport is an indispensable bearer of universal values in which Intesa Sanpaolo is also found: the aspiration to improve oneself, fair competition, and respect for the rules.”

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