Ferrari SF-23, Charles Leclerc unveils: ‘Doubts from the start’

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Ferrari SF-23, Charles Leclerc unveils: ‘Doubts from the start’

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in an interview with Corriere della Sera revealed that the Prancing Horse’s new single-seater this season, the SF-23, had immediately caused some doubts after its first outings.

“In the first laps in testing there was a strange feeling, something didn’t feel right in the balance. However, it was only afterwards that I discovered that the performance was also lacking,” explained the Monegasque driver.

Charles Leclerc also spoke briefly about rumors of a possible farewell to Carlos Sainz: “Who would I like to have next to me if Sainz was not my teammate? Halt. I’m not answering that question. It would take a wrong turn. We work well with Carlos, although there is a lot of competition between us.”

On renewing his contract: “Surely it means that I do my job well. But these rumors leave me indifferent, because I know what I want. But I still don’t know what Ferrari wants from me. The contract discussions have not started yet, but for me everything is clear.”

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