Marc Marquez wants to get back to his old self: his new mindset

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The words of Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez finished the British Grand Prix with another zero in the standings, the result of yet another crash of the season. However, the Spanish centaur said he was satisfied with the weekend at Silverstone: “I am happy with the weekend,” he stressed, “my goal this weekend was to work to find a base set-up but above all to find confidence. I found the confidence, but I know that for the base I need more races. Of course, I crashed in the race, but I was just unlucky. In Austria I need to continue to build this confidence.”

“The plan for this weekend was completely different than usual,” continued the Honda rider. “I wanted to work mostly on my feeling, because if you don’t have that you can’t push. In the warm up for example I felt good and pushed harder, I had the confidence to do that. I wanted to have a weekend without crashing from riding over the limit. It was the right approach to build a base for the future.”

He then explained the change of mentality to get back to his former self: “Logically, it’s not the mentality I like, because I’ve always defended my true mentality. But it is true that if I want to be the Marquez of before, I have to start somewhere to work and the way I approached the first part of the season did not go well because I broke three bones, a ligament, I was injured for three or four races, with many crashes and that is why we have to find a base and forget about the times, as I did this weekend. I didn’t look at the weather, the standings, this or that, and I didn’t care about the position. Today in the race I looked for my pace. When I saw it was going well, I pushed a little bit, and when it didn’t happen, I slowed down. When I saw some drops falling, which is normally my strong point, that’s when I slowed down more because I don’t want to fall.”

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