US Open, Lorenzo Musetti already out: ‘It hurts a lot’

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The Blue was up 2-1 in the set tally before collapsing

Musetti's adventure at the US Open è already over. The talented Italian è was eliminated, in the first round, by Frenchman Droguet. After losing the first partial, Musetti won the next two (6-0, 7-6) but then è collapsed, losing a match certainly within his reach.

"I was never able to play at my level. It also hurts a lot becauseé after I came back I went ahead by a break in the fourth set, but at that point I could not stay sharp and keep the right concentration. He took advantage of the opportunities and in the end deserved the victory", his words in the post match.

A heavy defeat to digest and coming at the wrong time. Musetti, the No. 18 seed in New York, had his sights set on the US Open. Having to say goodbye to the tournament after only one round è really a bad blow to the Italian's ambitions. Musetti himself ruled out physical problems. He only explained that he had a "bad day" which è turned into a scorching defeat.

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