Jannik Sinner-Lorenzo Sonego: Coach Arbino warns the South Tyrolean.

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Coach Arbino’s words before the match between Jannik Sinner and Lorenzo Sonego

Speaking to the microphones of Super Tennis, Gipo Arbino, Lorenzo Sonego’s coach, spoke ahead of the derby between his pupil and Jannik Sinner in the match valid for the second round of the Us Open. "Sì, in my opinion Lorenzo è was good at handling the situation that was all to his disadvantage becauseé this player however has weapons adapted to this surface, è American even if he trains in Spain and playing at home and with nothing to lose he could really be a danger, especially becauseé you did not know him more" commented about the victory over Nicolas Moreno de Alboran.

"He was good at managing moments and using his serve well,‖ he added. In the second set he took a risk because he made three breaks but lost two of them, for he closed 6-4 and then in the third he was ramping up, only that on 3-0 inexplicably he started to feel cramps in his hand and even thought he had hurt himself, and slowly he felt them in his forearm as well and we will go into this more thoroughly when we return to Turin".

However, Arpino is not è worried ahead of the challenge with Sinner: "No, because" I have seen that when these things happen to him, it is mostly related to a mental discourse. The first round for him è always very difficult in all tournaments and then as he showed at Roland Garros he wins in the fifth with Rublev after being down two sets. So it means that it is not è a problem of physical preparation, but I think and my team also thinks so that it is more a problem related to a nervous tension".

The blue coach pointed out some improvements: "Sì, in my opinion Lorenzo è improved and still has margins and I must say that he è improved in his weak points but he also improved the accuracy in his serve and on the forehand è much more; varied in his game, so the response è improved, the backhand improved in both top spin and coming in and also the slice, so let’s say his technical background is still growing" 

Finally he cautioned Jannik Sinner: "Then there’è no need of presentation for Jannik becauseé è really one of the papable winners, he plays to win the tournament and precisely also everybody can think that he can do it easily. So we will face this match with the utmost serenity, they are good friends, they respect each other, especially I was pleased to hear that Sinner also respects him very much and considers him a difficult player anyway. I hope it will be a very good match and especially that Lorenzo can give his best. Let’s say that on paper certainly è Sinner has an advantage over Lorenzo and also the assumptions are more towards him forò Lorenzo in these cases can be dangerous and I also hope that he will have a very good match".

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