Red Bull, Sergio Perez begins to say goodbye

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The words of Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez at the microphones of Dazn Spain spoke about his future: "Every year you learn new things, è that’s why I love this sport. The most important thing è is to learn from mistakes. With the season I’ve had, è it’s important to play the next races in an environment where I feel I can contribute. And if there is no place for me in 2024, we will have to look for alternatives. My main goal è to stay here, win races and continue to win world championships with Red Bull. I have a contract until next year and at some point in 2024 we will have to sit down and talk".

"I am looking forward to the second part of the season, I think the difficult moments are now behind me and I feel now much more comfortable with the car. Max at the moment è at a very high level, he è on the ball, I am not. There are difficult moments, because è it è not easy to be in this environment with all this pressure. It è not easy to be Max Verstappen’s partner, but it è important to remember to enjoy the ride".

And anchor: "The main difference between us è that Max è was able to maintain his level all the time and I was not, especially when the car was developing. I started to struggle becauseé I had to think a lot. And when at 300 km/h you think about how to deal with a curve, it è not so simple".

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