F1, Leclerc categorical about brother Arthur

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F1, Charles Leclerc blunt: “I would like to race with my brother, but not in the same team”

During the television program En Aparté on Canal+ Charles Leclerc spoke about his feelings about this first race weekend and the continuation of the season. In addition, the Monegasque also wanted to dwell on his relationship with his brother Arthur, who currently races in F3, and the possibility of racing together with him in the future.

“I am my brother’s first supporter and I support him at every stage. I would love it if one day we were both together on the grid in F1. It is not an impossible thing. However, I think I would not be able to accept being his teammate, because it would be very complicated for both of us. However, racing together in the same championship would not displease me at all,” the Ferrari driver began.

“With Gasly we’ve been great friends forever, as well as with Norris. But, when the visor goes down there is no more friendship but only the will to win and beat them. Arthur is my brother, so I don’t know how I would behave, however, as a driver I think on the track he would become a rival like everyone else,” Charles concluded.

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