Gigi Datome, tribute by Danilo Gallinari

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The words of Danilo Gallinari

Danilo Gallinari posted a message to pay tribute Gigi Datome, captain of Italbasket who played his last career game at the World Cup.

"A beautiful journey of which I have been a part. So many ups and downs with one love: that of the blue jersey. You are an example for many young boys for what you did on and off the field. Bravo Gigio".

Gigi Datome ended his career after Italy lost the game against Slovenia. The Italian basketball player, embraced by teammates and applauded at a press conference, expressed his emotions on the day of his farewell to playing basketball.

"This è was one of the most beautiful summers of my life. I leave with no regrets and I am convinced of my choice. Tonight everything was going well, then at the national anthem I got emotional and couldn’t make it…".

"I thank everyone for the affection I’ve been shown, from my teammates, to the Poz, to the staff and tonight even the opponents who stopped to applaud me. We tried to win to close better but I am very proud of what this group has done by getting into the top eight teams in the world".

Future: "I& will& have& more& time to spend on what really matters in life, which is what’è outside the playing field".

Melli captain: "One of my greatest fortunes è has been having a true friend like Nicolò Melli as a partner. He’s already been a captain for some time. He’ a leader and deserves it. This team has shown that it can compete at a high level and I am sure the boys can still improve. It’ has been an honor".

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