Manchester United, André Onana destroyed: ‘My fault’

©Getty Images

Many goalkeeper errors in this start of the season at the Red Devils

Manchester United debuted in the Champions League with a defeat at the field of Bayern Munich (4-3). Onana feels like the number one culprit in the defeat. He weighed the Cameroonian goalkeeper's mistake on Sané’s first Bavarian goal.

"They had not created any chances. On the first shot on goal, I made a mistake and the team è lost. We fought until the end but I must admit that we did not win because of me. I still have a lot to prove. For me è a difficult situation, I let the team down", his clear words reported by ESPN.

Indeed, the beginning of the former Inter goalkeeper's adventure in Manchester, United side, è so far, from a horror movie. The mistake with Bayern Munich is not è the first. The Cameroonian goalkeeper è already ended up under indictment for the bloopers against Nottingham Forest, Arsenal and Brighton. So many decidedly bad performances that do not do justice to the value of Onana who, last year, è was one of Inter's dragons.

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