Let’s Build Kindness featured on Sports Sunday

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A prize for La Domenica Sportiva

A program, born 70 years ago, that is part of the Italian tradition: La Domenica Sportiva has received the certificate of kindness for telling the emotions of sports, contributing to the national pathway "Let's Build Kindness", led by Luca Nardi, in which children are the protagonists.

Domenica Sportiva, curated by Paola Arcaro and hosted by Simona Rolandi, received the recognition from the ambassadors of Costruiamo Gentilezza, Gaia Simonetti (who è also secretary Ussi Toscana), and Silvia Sardi, sports manager, who were guests in the studio during the episode aired on Sunday, September 24.

The certificate is part of a stage in the journey that recognizes kindness through sport and which è started with the Building Kindness in Sport Award, conceived by Ussi Toscana and the Cor et Amor association. The Award was inspired by the gesture of Guglielmo Vicario, now Tottenham goalkeeper, who first took in a family that had fled the war.

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