MLS, Messi still in the box, goodbye playoffs for Inter Miami

©Getty Images

Heavy defeat on the field of the Chicago Fire (4-1)


No dice. Once again, Messi could not take the field with his Inter Miami teammates. For the fifth game (of the last six played), coach Martino had to give up his star. Result? Heavy defeat on the field of the Chicago Fire (4-1 the final, Shaquiri’s double) and goodbye to the play-off dream.

Even Klopas, coach of the Chicago Fire, said he was sorry about the absence of the Argentine World Champion, a player every fan would always like to see on the field: "Many people were here to see Messi… Who doesn&#39t want to see him? But tonight they saw a good performance of our team".

With only three matches remaining in the MLS regular season, the playoffs are a mirage for Inter Miami, five points away from the last available slot. The club has decided to give credit to its fans. Those who will follow Inter Miami's last matches, regardless of whether Messi is on the field or not, will get a bonus for the next competitive season.

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