NBA, James Harden’s future is a question mark

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Trade with the Clippers is not è easy, need the right offer

These are peculiar days for Harden and, in general, for Morley, president of operations for the Philadelphia 76ers. The new season è is just around the corner, we are already in the preseason, but everyone is focused on the future of the Beard.

The All Star, class of 1989, has reiterated, several times, that he wants to leave Philadelphia to move to Los Angeles, his hometown, and play with the Clippers of the George-Leonard duo. The Beard è is convinced that that is the right team to try the assault on that NBA title he has dreamed of since the beginning of his NBA career. For him to play with the Clippers, Philadelphia must receive the right offer.

At the moment, Harden è still in Philadelphia and is training with the team, looking for the best possible physical condition. No one knows exactly if he will participate in preseason games in a 76ers jersey. He could pack his bags for Los Angeles at any time or, perhaps, even be forced to stay and play the entire season with the 76ers (he has a $35.6 million deal with Philadelphia for this season).

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