Palo ‘e fierro comes in hard on Rudi Garcia

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Bruscolotti comes in hard on Rudi Garcia

Giuseppe Bruscolotti, former Napoli captain, live on Kiss Kiss Napoli’s Radio Goal, showed all his dismay.

"I’m worried, frightened by what I saw yesterday – said the mythical Palo 'and fierro –  I’m bewildered, Garcia twists the rules of soccer. We have respect for everyone, but this coach has destroyed a team. He took two representative elements of this team off the field after Anguissa left the field. If you are losing you cannot take away a player like Osimhen, he is destroying the players who have been the soul of this team. Garcia has to think a little bit, I would not like him to want to be the protagonist of this situation. If è it is true that he had clarifications with representative players then I don&#39t understand Politano&#39s gesture. In my opinion there'è was no clarification". 

"Now Garcia has to come to his senses a bit' I see him in total confusion. Council of wise men? They can make the coach understand that you have to confront each other to achieve results. The players don&#39t è they want to lead, but they want to make it clear that this way you&#39re not going anywhere. Garcia must convince himself that if he is losing he cannot take Osimhen off. Mario Rui? There'è something is wrong and it makes no sense to bring him in with three minutes to go".

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