Luca Banchi, the dedication for Polonara

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The words of coach Luca Banchi

Coach Luca Banchi spoke in a press conference after the win in Munich: “Happy with the victory. Our first this year in EuroLeague. Happy with the consistency we showed for most of the game. We are just at the’beginning, so some peaks, some ups and downs that are part of the moment. But I think in some parts of the game and some details of the game we showed that we have the right will’to compete in such an important game, facing a top four team. And I think for most of the game we did a very good job, especially in rebounding, in defense, trying to win the individual duel against such talented players. So happy for the win, a special win, first of all happy for Achi who is not è here with us, this win è for him".

"Sì, I think we did it because of defense and rebounds, as I said, becauseé this è the part where a team like Monaco builds its success. They have players who can score, who can change the inertia of the game at any time, becauseé they have a very athletic man who cané control rebounds. Last year they were first in rebounding. So, sì, we did a good job and I think defensively we created a condition along with an offense that was able to share the ball well enough, to build a good qualityà of shots”.

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