Juventus addresses its fans: official note

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Juventus addresses its fans: official note

On the occasion of Juventus’ 126th birthday, the club published a note on its official website: "Close your eyes for a few seconds. Think about what one hundred and twenty-six years of Italian soccer legend means. Try to rewind the tape, letting yourself be enveloped by some great emotion that you have experienced firsthand, or perhaps have read in some history book of our magnificent sport".

"Where'you were, when…And you can end this sentence, thinking of the great nights, of the shouts for feats of endless champions, of that hand you held tightly as the decisive penalty kick was taken, of how hard your heart beat as the teams took the field".

"Or perhaps, thinking about the smile of your neighbor in the stadium, the tears of joy at that long-missed victory, that goal at the last second of a game that seemed haunted. Do you have them in mind, those cries, those tears, those smiles? Make them yours, those emotions, and now open your eyes again as well: today è the birthday of the reason for it all, of the reason why every time, that magic is renewed as if it were the first. Today è the birthday of Juventus. Happy birthday to us all" concludes the note.

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