Olimpia Milan, hunting for another playmaker

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The words of Dell'Orco

Leo Dell’Orco, president of Olimpia Milano, spoke to Gazzetta dello Sport: "What started out as a simple sponsorship è has become a wide-ranging management activity, a fundamental initiative for us that has the team at the center as well as the city of Milan. Of course, I am a little concerned about’ the Financial FairPlay that has arrived in basketball as well. The concept è right and I hope it works well, but fans have to understand that also for this reason, as well as for sustainability reasons, you can’t keep opening your wallet endlessly. In fact we are looking for more sponsors, I knocked and someone answered".

Market Chapter: "We were ready to renew with Napier, but he asked us for more than triple the salary, which we could not and did not want to afford. We have already invested a lot with Mirotic, although Barcelona is still paying half the salary. We got Maodo Lo, who so far has not made as much as we expected. If there’s an opportunity we will go and invest again, but not at crazy prices. I repeat, with Financial FairPlay there are limits to be respected in order not to incur very heavy fines".

"Of course winning the Scudetto and the third star è was a huge satisfaction, but the championship has not è started very well and we have to do more. I expect much moreù also in the Euroleague".

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