Julio Velasco, first yes for dual assignment

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Julio Velasco, the decision

It è met today in Bologna the assembly of all 34 Società of the Women’s Volleyball League Serie A.

Among other issues discussed was the issue of double office, coach of a Serie A club and at the same time coach of the Italian national team.

President Mauro Fabris, on the point, said at the end of the Assembly: "We want a winning National Team. The Azzurre all play in our Serie A. The growth of the top movement also depends on the results of the National Team. And our Serie A è has so far been the only reality in the world in which a team, Club Italia, an expression of the National Federation, designed to grow young promising players in a competitive Championship, has played. We will, of course, continue to support our national teams to the fullest. Regarding yesterday’s decision by FIPAV, taken on the eve of our meeting today, to designate Julio Velasco, as the coach of the National Senior National Team, we can only appreciate such a choice of calling a great of the history of world volleyball to lead the Azzurri to the Olympics to try to achieve the successes we still lack. On this issue, our Assembly has è expressed its opinion by confirming the current League rules, which do not provide for any prohibition to the so-called double assignment".

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