Referees, Cairo and Torino explode: “200 episodes against”

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Arbitrators, Cairo and Torino explode: "200 episodes against"

Torino president Urbano Cairo on the sidelines of the ongoing Orientamenti Festival in Genoa harshly attacked Serie A referees.

"We have been penalized in an incredible way. I have seen a statistic that says that in the last three championships we have had 200 unfavorable events against 50 favorable", thundered Cairo.

"In unfavorable incidents you have penalties that they didn&#39t give you, penalties they gave that weren't there or validated goals that weren't good, so things that make you lose games".

"Let's say it&#39s 7-8 points a season that you lose and if you had them you could certainly do more. Last year we were three away from going to Europe", are the words reported by Gazzetta dello Sport.

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