Next Gen ATP Finals: debut with a bang for Flavio Cobolli

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Next Gen ATP Finals: Flavio Cobolli beats Dominic Stricker, Luca Nardi surrenders to Arthur Fils

Half smiles for the Italian tennis players involved in the Next Gen ATP Finals in Jeddah. After the defeat of Luca Nardi, who surrendered in the fifth set to Arthur Fils, è came the victory of Flavio Cobolli, victorious in four sets over Dominic Stricker.

Nardi had to bow out to Fils, the number one seed, who è won by the score of 2-4 4-3 4-2 1-4 4-2 after just over two hours of play. The match è turned around in the second set, when the Frenchman nullified a set-point for the Italian, winning the tie-break 8 points to 6. Fils è took the third set as well, however Nardi found the strength to get back up, taking the match to the fifth set. Here forò the Blue gave up the serve at the most beautiful, with the Frenchman closing 4-2 in the fifth partial.

Next came è Cobolli, who overcame Stricker, the third seed, in four sets (4-2 3-4 4-1 4-2) after an hour and thirty-eight minutes of play. The Roman tennis player had an impressive performance on serve, conceding only one break in the last partial, but immediately recovered to then close on 4-2 final. Nothing to do for the Helvetic, who è managed to win only the second partial 9 points to 7 at the tie-break.

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