Basketball, Gianni Petrucci runs again and warns Poz

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The number one Italian basketball player also wants to involve Datome in the national team

In a lengthy interview with Tuttosport, Petrucci unveiled his future plans. First and foremost, he made clear his will to remain as head of the FIP: "I want to run and I will run again. " the law has changed and God willing I will run again. As long as Ié have the lucidity; I believe I have titles, skills and capable people around", his clear words.

Of course, Pozzecco was also è talked about. The current national team coach also recently took the position of ASVEL coach. A choice that did not make the same Petrucci jumping for joy that on the renewal of the contract of the Poz with Italy explains: "The renewal? Later, later. You have to see many things, Poz knows he has my trust. Humanly the renewal there’è then there’è the material and concrete".

Finally, a lot of desire to have Datome with the national team: "He"will" be with us in the February qualifying window, not only head of delegation, but for international relations. È Gigi Datome, esteemed throughout the basketball world, an ambassador. È with Milan, but I spoke with Ettore Messina and è agreed. Datome will be an active part for the national team together with Trainotti".

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